Our Services


Dry Cleaning

We can dry clean almost any garment you choose to have dry cleaned. blouses, suits, dresses, sweaters and coats are the most commonly dry cleaned items. Our process is green and is more gentle and just as effective as standard dry cleaning. All of our dry cleaned items are hand pressed to ensure that the creases and fine details are carefully addressed.


London Cleaners offers laundry services for shirts and other "washable" items. The care label of an item determines the cleaning process that is used. Many "washable" items that can be laundered at home, simply look better if they are professionally washed and finished. Our laundry services extend to blouses, western shirts, military and other uniforms and some household items.


We offer a range of alteration services. With over thirty years of experience our seamstress provides quality alteration services leaving each piece looking like new. We handle can handle anything from simple mends to wedding gown alterations to custom drapery.

Finished Laundry

We offer a hand finished laundry service for all your bedding and table linen.

Suede & Leather Cleaning

A lot can go wrong with improper leather or suede cleaning. Leather cleaning is a precise art and at London Cleaners with mastered the technique. In 30 years we've seen it all and it pains us to see all the damage caused by careless leather cleaning. We know how to clean leather without damaging it's style and preserving its character. Trust London with your leather.

Our craftsmen know how to clean painted leather without making it look like a cheap synthetic, and preserve the character of vintage hides without making them look battered. Of course, after we've done leather cleaning, we treat garments using natural oils to keep skins as soft and supple as the day they were sent out from the tannery.


Professional cleaning service isn't just for clothes. We provide expert care for draperies, bedspreads, table cloths and other fine household fabrics, too. Our professionals gently remove even the most stubborn dirt, whiten whites and brighten colors to make your entire home look beautiful. All household items will be carefully inspected, then cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Fluff and Fold

Give us your dirty laundry, we'll wash it, fold it, and package it up for you. What could be easier? All clothes are separated into white and colored loads and washed separately from everyone else's. We operate brand new, high efficiency machines and our expert attendants ensure that your clothes come back neatly folded, nice and clean and smelling fresh.

Wedding Gowns

You will never own anything more beautiful, more special, or more symbolic of the most precious day of your life. Whether you choose a gown that is traditional or modern, elegant or simple, you should protect your investment and your memories with Tuchman Cleaners' Heirlooming Service.

First, we inspect your gown, veil and any accessories for spots, tears or other problem areas requiring special attention. Next, we have our heirlooming specialist, who will process your gown using the gentlest formulas possible to clean, and expertly finish your gown. Then your gown and accessories are shaped and carefully packaged in our attractive heirlooming storage box for safekeeping.